Not Your Mother’s Chocolate Chip Muffin (6-pack)


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These are definitely not your mother’s muffins! Packed with 18G of powerful plant-based protein (from pumpkin protein), 85MG of clean caffeine (from guarana), and no dairy or grain, this ready-to-eat, gluten-free marvel is a tasty way to conquer every part of your busy day.


  • 18g plant protein – Is there a better way to get your protein on-the-go than in a muffin!? Stay strong with 18 grams of plant-protein in every one.
  • 85mg natural caffeine – 85 milligrams of clean, natural caffeine. In a muffin. Yep. That’s a little more than your average cup of coffee. Believe it.
  • Grain and dairy free – If you don’t want grain or dairy in your diet, we’ve got the muffin for you. No grains of any sort and nothing from an udder whatsoever.
  • Gluten-free – There’s not a trace of wheat in this bad boy. Jackalope is a pure, gluten-free, baked good that’s sooooo, sooooooooo good.

13 reviews for Not Your Mother’s Chocolate Chip Muffin (6-pack)

  1. Ryan B.

    Delicious and healthy. Doesn’t get any better than these guys when it comes to a nutritious snack that’ll fuel you up. Thanks Jackalope!

  2. Forrest B.

    These muffins are fantastic. They taste great and are filling enough to tide over for the entire morning. Easy breakfast option and has the kick of caffeine to energize my mornings. They have a ton of protein as well which is a big plus for me.

  3. Ellie F.

    Love these muffins! Eating them for breakfast each morning kept me feeling full and was a great kickstart to my day. Normally I tend to reach for a pre-lunch snack during my workday, but with these I didn’t feel the need to. Very convenient and perfect for those with on-the-go lifestyles. The taste was also much better than other energy/protein type foods out there. Highly recommend these!

  4. Greg B.

    Perfect on the go meal replacement for an active lifestyle! Keeps me full for a day on the slopes or a big day of hiking with the bonus of being a delicious muffin packed with healthy free ingredients! Didn’t know that combination could exist!

  5. Kevin H.

    Five stars! A high protein & low carb breakfast muffin to power you through the day and keep you full for hours, or a mid-afternoon healthy snack ahead of a workout. A natural taste and better consistency than those other over-processed protein bars, and with caffeine that doesn’t give you any jitters. Would recommend and order again.

  6. Sara F.

    Finally, a guilt-free muffin! I love that these muffins are packed with healthy ingredients, taste great, and keep me full for hours.

    I purchased these muffins initially as a breakfast replacement, but now I find myself reaching for them at almost any hour of the day (much like a protein bar).

    I am excited to repurchase!

  7. Linda R.

    This is definitely not your mother’s muffin. It is a muffin with a purpose! If you are looking for a healthy, high protein hi energy bar you need to look no more. this muffin will give you energy and keep you full for at least 5 hours. The consistency is very dense like other protein products. It is not a light and fluffy air filled lower calorie muffin. The taste is comparable to any other high protein bar out there.

  8. Brittany R.

    These muffins are exactly what I have been waiting for! With a busy schedule as a nurse, these muffins give me energy to get through my shifts and keep me full nearly the entire 8 hours! Would definitely recommend for people who eat on the go!

  9. Emma C.

    I really enjoyed these muffins! They do what they promise and gave me energy and kept me feeling full for a long time. I work a physical job and take them with me to have as a quick energy booster for when I’m on my feet all day and starting to feel tired. One thing I will say, I’m not a huge coffee drinker, so the caffeine in this product is about the equivalent to one cup of coffee so be aware of that if you don’t have a tolerance to caffeine. Otherwise, great product and I will be repurchasing!

  10. Ben K.

    Super tasty and satisfied my caffeine craving

  11. Lexie P.

    You’re reading this review because you’re not sure whether you should click “add to cart.” Do it. You’ll be glad you did. These muffins are tasty and, best of all, so filling. I actually wish I didn’t like them so much because one cup of coffee should be my cutoff (at least when I’m not in exam season!).

  12. Andrei M.

    This is a really good option for a healthy breakfast on the go with real ingredients and a nice and smooth caffeine boost. Highly recommend it for busy professionals!

  13. Mat G.

    I was planning to share this with friends… I’m not sure how many will last before I see them. These are delicious, wonderfully chewy without any crumble, and easy to justify eating because of its healthiness and actual productivity boosting caffeine.

    Would highly recommend for the busy but healthy professional.

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