The search for the next superfood is constant, there are so many all-natural foods from Mother Earth loaded with stuff (scientific term) that’s great for your insides and outsides. One of our personal favorites is the guarana plant. There are so may benefits of guarana, thanks to the many antioxidants found in these bizarre, eye-ball looking fruits. We know it looks beyond freaky, but don’t judge this book by its creepy eye-ball cover, it’s a superfood in its own right and has a lot to offer.

Guarana is a climbing plant found in the Amazon basin in Brazil. What we love about this plant is its high levels of caffeine and other antioxidants that provide so many benefits you’ll wonder why you haven’t started incorporating guarana into your daily diet sooner. Check out these 8 top benefits of guarana and see why it is an absolute must for those seeking an extra boost in energy for your brain and your body.

1. Great Source of Natural, Clean Energy.

Our personal favorite benefit of guarana: it’s a natural source of clean caffeine. If you think coffee is your only resource for a mental and physical energy boost, wait ’til you hear what the guarana plant can do. Guarana seeds contain 4-6x more caffeine than coffee beans, allowing you to harness a mental focus and energy that would take way more cups of coffee to achieve.

If you’re looking for new sources of caffeine, guarana is a must-try.

Benefits fo Guarana woman running outdoors

2. Loaded with Antioxidants.

When we say guarana is filled with rich antioxidants, we mean it. These googly-eyed seeds are packed with tannins, saponins, catechins, and of course, caffeine. Antioxidants help protect your body from free radicals that are linked to diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Adding antioxidants to your daily diet is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping your insides free from excess free radicals.

Benefits of Guarana beans and powder

3. Safe to Consume.

While guarana might not be as well known as coffee or other sources of caffeine, it is just as safe to consume. There is little to no toxicity in low doses, with side effects the same as coffee, if you were to have one too many cups and experience a major caffeine rush. This highly beneficial seed is incredibly safe and easy to get your hands on.

4. Good for Gut Health.

Two of guarana’s main antioxidants can play a large role in your digestive needs. One helps relieve constipation and the other helps alleviate chronic diarrhea.

Caffeine is a known natural laxative and a major component in guarana. The benefit here is obvious for those who may feel a little backed-up and constipated.

Tannins are the antioxidant that can help aid in chronic diarrhea. This antioxidant helps restrict how much water is allowed into your bowels, making it a great aid in preventing diarrhea.

5. May Help You Shed Some Weight.

Trying to shed some pounds? Caffeine is a great way to boost your metabolism, which enables your body to burn more calories without becoming more active. Adding in some guarana to your everyday diet could help raise your metabolism anywhere from 3-11% over the course of 12 hours.

Benefits of Guarana Woman Stepping on Scale

6. It Can Be Used for Pain Relief.

Want to guess why the guarana seed is potentially linked to pain relief? That’s right, it’s the high levels of caffeine. Once again, caffeine is here to save the day as one of the major benefits of guarana. Caffeine serves as a great additive to pain meds for its ability to bind and block receptors in your body that send out pain signals.

Benefits of Guarana Man Cleaning Skin

7. Can Help Improve Your Skin.

We know there are so many internal benefits of guarana, but there are some external ones, too! Because of all those antioxidants chilling in guarana, your skin will get protection from harmful UV rays and benefit from its anti-aging properties.

8. May Improve Heart Health.

Back at it again with the power of antioxidants. Both catechin and caffeine are linked to lowering the chance of blood clots, which will lower your risk of heart attack and stroke.

Guarana can also aid in preventing the build up of plaque in the arteries by decreasing oxidation of bad cholesterol.

Have we sold you on the benefits of guarana yet? That’s perfect because we actually happen to use guarana powder in our muffins to bring you that boost of energy you can’t get from coffee. Each muffin contains 85mg of guarana powder, the perfect amount to get your mental focus on and make your body feel awake and ready to take on your day. Add Not Your Mother’s Chocolate Chip Muffins into your daily diet and see the difference guarana powder can make to your energy and productivity!